December 2019

Top 5 Makeup Tips for Young Women

Younger women have the advantage of glowingly-youthful skin in their corner, but unfortunately, they lack the experience to know how to do it just right. You don’t have to do much to make yourself look your most beautiful. Makeup in your 20s should be on a less-is-more approach.

Don’t believe us? We’ve got the experience to tell you what we wish we knew in our 20s so you can look drop-dead gorgeous. Here are our top 5 makeup tips for young women.

1. Go sheer

Unless you’re performing on stage, there’s no reason for cakey, heavy foundation. Yes, it’s good for hiding blemishes and blotchiness, it’s also hiding your youth. If you like getting carded when you meet your gal-pals for cocktails after work, try out foundations with sheer coverage. NARS is a good one for this, or you can try a BB cream like this one by Garnier which is great for blemish-prone skin.

2. Erase dark circles

Dark circles are no one’s friend. Whether you were up all night finishing a report or dancing until way later than you should have been, covering dark circles up expertly is the key to keeping that fresh-faced, bright-eyed look you want. You’ll love this one by Tarte that can also be used as a highlighter. Buy them in bulk. You’re going to use them for everything!

3. Illuminate everything

Enjoy that shimmery shine now ladies, because once you start moving out of your 20s and through your 30s, this look will make you look try-hard and old. Highlighters are a wonderful way to add that runway-fabulous style to your everyday routine. Check out videos for how to apply them correctly

4. Make your eyes the prize

When you’re young, you can get away with just about any eyeshadow color that works with your skin tone. One of the hottest looks by far is the smoky eye. It’s come a long way from the days of endless black smudges. While charcoal colors are still used to get the look, many makeup artists have caused other less traditional colors to trend in the smoky eye style, like peacock blue or diamond shimmer shadows. Have fun playing with it to create the look you like best. And just a note – it’s not just for night-time anymore. You can create a daytime smoky eye to get the same smoldering effect that won’t look like a goth phase when you’re at the office.

5. Matte those lips

Before your lips get lined with age, line them with lip liner and fill them in with a deep matte shade. The trend was made famous by Kylie Jenner of course, and whether you’re a fan or not, you’ve got to admit it’s a fantastic look. Check out the stellar selection by MAC for colors you’ll love.

Take advantage of these top makeup tips while you’re in your youth, before you get to that age when you need anti-aging creams and primers!